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Hey Seb come over here a minute – I’ve got a shock 

‘That Pain’ that had gone after the op., is back in my tummy again.


Mum’ll only be a minute so listen and be quiet –

I’ve got lots to go through with you

Once Mum sees my big pain filled eyes her face will crumple and I’ll forget what I want you to know


Remember everything I’ve told you and how it’s all done

I know I’ve been strict but look what you’ve become 

I’m proud of you Seb even though I’ve never said it

you’re loved and you’re needed ............... now more than ever


We’ve had 2  great weeks – it’s been such fun to be pain free and playing and running with Mum. 

I can tell that it’s back and  Mum needs to help me, for once I can’t do it myself.  

Sit with me now and go through all that I’ve taught you then when she comes make yourself scarce


She’ll help me I know - although she’ll be hurting and sobbing she’ll bring me back here,

Painfree and peaceful in my beautiful garden..... Seb listen up and repeat  everything I’ve taught you – ah that’s a good boy sounds like you’ve got it – it’s taken 2 years but you’re there!


I’ve been places and seen plenty that’s made Mum so proud,

I’ve heard comments that are lovely coming from the crowd, Earls Court, NEC, demonstrations and antics, the friends, the children, the fun..........................oh! what fun ......


You cradled my head Mum and Dad tickled my tail - I wagged it for as long as I could...................

As the pain faded I heard you talking ‘go Mr Blue go special boy, play catch with your tatty old football and  THANK YOU so much for being with me, for being my darling Blue’


You can’t know this of course Mum but you did the best thing, the thing I knew you would do – you helped me go gently and in yours and Dads arms to a place where I’ll wait for you.  

The huge hole that I’ve left will heal very slowly and the thing that we had will live on.....


I’ll be watching you always and checking on Seb

if he makes a false move I’ll correct him as always in my own usual style,

I just know that he’ll look after you.


My family are all to me now and forever and thank you for taking me in – I’ve got so many stories to tell all the others  - while I wait for you at Rainbow Bridge.


Blue – how can you mention his name without smiling..those that have met him over the 6 years that he has lived with my family will remember his great size and personality and his gentle ways and temperament.  Anyone fortunate enough to see him perform at the NEC or Earls Court will remember his intelligence and ability and contrary to the myth that men can’t multi task will know that this gorgeous man could!  No matter how he was concentrating – he could do everything whilst wagging his tail non stop at 100 mph! 


It was a privilege to share our lives with Blue – one that came to us via Friends of Bouvier Rescue.  I won’t go into the long story of how and why I had details of Blue but suffice to say that with 2 weeks holiday at home coming up in 2 weeks I was hoping that I could collect him at the very start of my holiday.   He had already been rehomed from his original owner once and had been returned after only 3 days when I made contact; so the owner was adamant that if I didn’t take him quickly he would be going to a dealer whom she had already approached and who wanted to take him that weekend.  Pam B was amazing and smoothed the waters with the lady assuring her that I would not back out if she would just hang on to Blue for 2 weeks.  I was taking him unseen as he was such a long way away and my fear before I met him was that he might eat a Shih Tzu or two but Pam came to the rescue and told me not to worry, if things didn’t work out I would be able to take him back to her kennel. I phoned the lady every day of the two weeks and kept her talking to ensure that she was not changing her mind and that he was safely waiting for me as I was for him.  When the day that was to change my life forever dawned I was so excited and a little worried that my 3 Shih Tzus might have their noses put out of joint.  I hadn’t had a big dog in the house since before my children were born when I used to have Danes – would I manage – would he like it with us –  would his big brain need more stimulation than I was able to give.......


Picture the scene – a rough unfenced car park on the side of a road 3 hours away, half way between us both, as we pulled up in the distance I saw a black dog jumping out of a car.  I looked over and gulped saying those immortal words – oh John he’s lovely!


We got out of the car and walked towards the young girl who was holding the lead and the lady busying herself with a bag.......Blue looked up. Our eyes met and a four and half year old male Bouvier and a 40 something woman floated across an unknown hotel car park towards each other like something out of a film and jumped into each others hearts – never ever to jump out.


The rest of course I’ve written about over and over again during the last 6 years and will go on talking about for the rest of my life but I thought you might like to know just a very few of the highlights..


          Passed Bronze and Silver KCGCDS on the same day

          Passed his Gold months later when I could find a test

          This lead to him being invited to join the elite KC Gold Demo Team

          This lead to him appearing on BBC TV in a live broadcast on ‘clever dogs’

          This lead to him appearing in several newspapers including a feature in Dog Monthly

          Performed in the Gold Team at Earls Court so magnificently asked to do it at Crufts

          I asked the KC for permission to show a castrated dog to get him used to noise

          There were 2 in the class at the Champ show so he qualified to be shown at Crufts!

          Performed in the Gold Team at Crufts

          My rehomed boy got a ‘First’ at Crufts!

          Asked again at the age of nearly 9 to join the Gold Team at Earls Court

          Same year he beat 60 other dogs to become the RSPCA’s Dog of the Year for this area

          Went forward to the nation-wide final and came 6th in the whole Country!!!!!


There are of course many more sides to Blue that we all know about – his hospital visiting, his prowess on the agility course, his famed ability to communicate and calm those frightened of dogs, his sheer presence – oh Blue what a lot I have learned from you – how my heart aches that you could not stay with me forever – but you are in my head and my heart and your legacy lives on and on....good night my sweet darling, wait for me......

Read about Blue's triumph in the Good Citizen Gold Demonstration team here:-




"Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love ... they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big."